looking for:right-Diadora Borgs cardboard standups ,right-any rare bjorn tapes

orange bowl 72
my FULL bjorn borg sitegarage door where he started
music contact meswedish national 72
superstar showup: angry! training jan 75down:during french74
wimbledonbaton rouge 83 exhib, borg "contests" and connors upset
the logo's visage on these new bjorn borg shoes is exactly from chocolat paper of 70s(right)
moor after winning "his game" 6/06/06/1 french 81
the einstein of tennis(joke)
updating:collection/gallery ad saabI started to play tennis in 1980 ;as you know borg was in that year the best tennis player in the world. In 80,bjorn did not lose one match(injured at toronto final) in official tournaments until the famous us open final(and remember umpire's error at 3/3 in the fifth set against him...). He is probably one of the 3 greatest players of all-time(for me the greatest, at least the player who changed the game).John Mcenroe appreciates bjorn , said "You wonder why he left such a big mark, beyond the obvious results, and it's hard to explain, except to say that it was his look, his vibe, his presence. There definitely was an aura around him." charisma....I did not want to write a complete text about the career, the scores of the matches,the story of bjorn(i 've written few years ago a little thing about »the bjorn borg's influence in development of tennis in the 70s » ;if you are reading this website today, you probably already know bjorn won 11 grand slam tournaments at 25 years old, davis cup in 75, or maybe too he started in davis cup at 15 years and 322 days, or he tooke one set to french finalist of the year before, at 15 years old in 1971( stockholm, vs franulovic)!I create this site to contact some other bjorn borg fans or collectors ,in sweden and worldwide..My first goal is to find some rare bjorn tapes, particularly matches in the period 72/83. If you can have some, i will be interested for, i can buy yours(or exchange with someones of mines). If bjorn borg is for you more than just a tennis player, don't hesitate and contact me : welcome
kingleft: better in tennis!
rival mac conclusionfirst times bjorn playing tournament with headband; see vilas, he lent one of his ; it was during french 75(but he played rounds without):
during stock open 78 my bjorn borg site 1stockholm 73 finalist
rare borg film (davis 74) film 74bastaad 79 doble bergelin(54)and björn
borg mc 824 grand slam winners: borg and the 3 french mousquetaires:cochet lacoste borotrafrench 79
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